Triple A Hardboard Product

Multipurpose bed AAA Super E0

Made from solid plywood material.
Which is very durable and does not collapse.

Be able to support weight for 500 kg

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Can be cleaned by spraying.
Can be wiped with alcohol  not fungal.
Can be used for more than 10 years and can be reused.
Easy to assemble, takes less than 1 minute.
Chemical free from chemical Super E0 emission class.

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Width 100 cm.  Length 200 cm.  Height 32 cm.

12 pieces of equipment

The standard of 
Formaldehyde in furniture


It is a widely accepted standard for woodworking and fine furniture. The level of formaldehyde is higher than the others.


Formaldehyde levels of less than 0.1 ppm are acceptable. It is a standard that says that wood that passes the E1 test can be used to make furniture.


It is an advanced standard that has been upgraded from E1 and contains compounds that pass the E0 standard. Not more than 0.07 percent formaldehyde.

Super E0

One level developed from E0 wood. This wood is non-toxic wood, non-carcinogen, and non-irritate.

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