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How To Process

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    Our Triple A Hardboards are produced non-chemically and without formaldehyde or any harmful chemicals to humans.

Triple A Hardboards are made from 100% farmed  Eucalyptus wood compressed under high temperature and pressure to extract “lignin”. This natural glue in wood provides natural adhesion and strength for Triple A Hardboards. Made with advanced technology, cutting-edge machinery, quality control, and sophisticate production process, our Triple A Hardboards are of high-quality, highly durable and meets the international standard of quality. Moreover, our hardboards is 100% natural and chemical-free. There is no formaldehyde glue or any harmful chemical substances in our hardboard. We have one of the largest production capacity in the world at 90,000 tons / year or 13 million sheets / year., our factory has the world's largest production capacity.

Triple A Hardboards is an  organic product, certified with "Eco-friendly" Green Label, and is formaldehyde-free. Triple A Hardboard acknowledges the importance of the environment and natural forests. We promote the planting of fast-growing trees per year, more than 100,000,000 cultivating to 6,000 hectares of new green space per year. We, at Triple A Hardboard, are proud to play a vital part in reducing the greenhouse effect and in creating more green space for the planet Earth.


1. We conduct research and develop fast growing trees to prepare for use as raw materials for the production of high-quality hardboards.

Triple A Hardboard has continuously conducted research and developed eucalyptus trees for more than 40 years with advanced technology in an effort to obtain the best raw materials for the production of high-quality hardboards.


2. Eucalyptus trees are planted for commercial use to generate high-quality hardboard.

We, at Triple A Hardboard, carefully selected eucalyptus species that contains a high portion of lignin content in wood pulp, and distribute  to growers within the company's farmers network so that high durability woods can be sold back  as raw materials for the production of high-quality hardboards. Therefore we can guarantee that our hardboard is made from 100% farmed trees, with no materials from the natural forest.


3. Only the finest raw materials are prepared for the production of high-quality hardboards.

Eucalyptus trees with appropriate age and fiber characteristics are carefully selected for the production of high-quality hardboards to produce Triple A Hardboards.


4. Wood processing from trees to chipped wood as raw materials.

Only wood trunks, without branches and leaves, will be delivered to wood chippers to convert the trunks into chipped wood of the same size before being treated in the pulp refining process. 


5. Pulp refining process for the production of high-quality hardboards.

High temperature is used to steam chipped wood in the silo tanks before being grinded to produce fibers for producing hardboard. In this process, fibrous materials must be homogeneous  in size to produce high-quality hardboards. 


6. Hardboard forming process for optimum consistency, size, thickness, and density 

Forming of pulp fibers into sheets by dewatering (less than 70% of water remains) and cutting the boards before the hot pressing process.


7. Hot pressing process for high-quality hardboards.

Hard pressing process with hot panels requires accurate temperature control and  appropriate timing to dewater wood fibers completely. The heat treatment also melts the natural lignin in wood pulp, which  adheres fibrous materials together to  form dense wood boards that are stronger than normal wood. This process also makes the hardboards resistant to termites and insects. 


8. Thermal treatment to strengthen the durability and density  of Triple A Hardboards.

To guarantee quality and standards, Triple A Hardboards are exposed to 4-hour thermal treatment to ensure strength and durability.


9. Hot-steaming process to prevent bending of the boards after being used.

Hot-steaming process, at 85°C temperature for more than 8 hours, to ensure the shape integrity of the boards after being used.


10. Cutting process 

The hardboards will be cut into the standard size, 1,200 mm. (120 cm.) width and 2,440 mm. (244 cm.) length. For quality assurance Triple A Hardboards are inspected for their physical properties such as density, impact force absorbtion, water absorbtion, and moisture content. After passing these Triple A Hardboard inspecting will then be graded and delivered to customers.


11. Quality Control process for our Triple A Hardboards.

Our production of Triple A Hardboards is certified by ISO:9001-2015 in terms of quality control. Therefore, we are confident in our product quality from the start to the end of the SPEC process of Triple A Hardboards 


Density (kg/m3)

MOR (N/mm2)

4 - 9

900 - 1,100

≥ 38

MOE (N/mm2)

Thickness swelling (mm.)

% Water Absorbtion

≥ 3,500

≤ 35

≤ 65


12. Every Triple A Hardboard will be thoroughly inspected before delivering to our customers to ensure quality and customer satisfactions.

Triple A Hardboards are inspected through random selection process to ensure customer satisfaction.


13. Enclosed warehouse to protect the quality of Triple A Hardboards, using just-in-time delivery system to make sure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers.

Our large warehouse can store more than one million  hardboards. This can reduce the lead time when the product orders are made during period of high demand and allow us to deliver high-quality Triple A Hardboards to customers on time.


14. Door-to-door delivery for domestic and international customers.

Triple A Hardboards are shipped door-to-door  to more than 50 countries covering many continents, e.g., Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Triple A Hardboard partners with logistic companies within our group for the delivery of products from Triple A Hardboard factory to other factories or customer's shops overseas covering all transportation modes, e.g., cargo ships and trucks. We are confident that our products can be delivered safely and punctually to all of our customers.

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